CCT Chemicals: A Leading Force in Local Pest Control Management Organizations

August 30, 2023 Henri Igna 0 Comments

In pest control management, collaboration and knowledge-sharing play a pivotal role in ensuring effective solutions to the challenges posed by pests and insects. CCT Chemicals, Inc. aims to be a proactive and engaged participant in this collaborative effort, as evidenced by their recent involvement in two prominent local pest control management events: the PFPMOA 10th National Convention and PCAP General Membership meetings.

PFPMOA 10th National Convention

The Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators Associations, Inc. (PFPMOA) held its much-anticipated 10th National Convention at the Lucky Chinatown Hotel in Binondo from July 27th to 29th, 2023. Attended by a gathering of 200 Pest Control Operators from across the Philippines, this event served as a platform for industry professionals to exchange insights, strategies, and innovations.

CCT Chemicals, Inc. demonstrated their commitment to the industry’s growth by becoming one of the minor sponsors of the convention. This partnership not only showcased their dedication to the pest control community but also provided them with the opportunity to present their company and products. Throughout the three-day event, CCT Chemicals, Inc. engaged attendees with presentations that highlighted their cutting-edge solutions and chemicals for pest management.

PCAP General Membership Meeting for August

On August 15th, 2023, The Pest Control Association of the Philippines (PCAP) hosted their General Membership meeting at Popeye’s in Alabang Town Center. Attended by 80 PCOs, this event was marked by the enthusiastic participation of CCT Chemicals, Inc. as a sponsor. The company’s active engagement further solidified its position as a committed contributor to the pest control management industry.

During the meeting, CCT Chemicals, Inc. took the opportunity to promote an essential pest management tool in collaboration with their partner dealer, Hevativ Chemical Corporation. The spotlight was on Hevativ’s insect light traps from Arod, an innovative solution designed to effectively control flying insects in various environments. This promotion not only underscored CCT Chemicals, Inc.’s dedication to providing comprehensive pest management solutions but also highlighted their strategic collaborations within the industry.

As CCT Chemicals, Inc. continues to actively engage with local pest control management organizations, their commitment to advancing the industry becomes increasingly evident. By participating in events such as the PFPMOA National Convention and the PCAP General Membership meeting, they reinforce their role as a driving force behind innovation, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination.

For those seeking professional pest management chemicals and solutions, CCT Chemicals, Inc. stands as a reliable partner. Their diverse range of products, demonstrated expertise, and active involvement in industry networks position them as a go-to resource for effective pest control strategies.

To learn more about CCT Chemicals, Inc.’s offerings and how they can assist you in addressing your pest management needs, feel free to inquire today. Join them in their journey to create pest-free environments that foster healthy communities and thriving businesses.

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