Fragrances and Flavors

Bring your favorite scents to life

Whether you are concocting perfumes and air fresheners, adding scents to toiletries and cosmetic items, or masking unwanted odors in various products, we can provide you with a quality selection of fragrances sourced from TECHNICOFLORĀ® France!

Leaning towards a floral or fruity direction? Exploring on oriental or fougere fragrances? Our dedicated account managers can help you find that perfect scent for your products. We also go the extra mile by assisting you with recommended formulations, and market trends to help your business bloom.

Numerous clients use our fragrances in a variety of applications which include perfume and eau de toilette, toiletries, dishwashing liquid, fabric conditioners, household cleaners, lubricants, and even paint and ink!

Have a flavorful taste of success

Aside from fragrances, CCT now brings you to the wonderful world of flavors, powered by the French know-how of FONTAROMEĀ®, a subsidiary of the Technicoflor Group.Ā 

The natural and nature-identical flavors come in liquid and powder form, which you can use in a variety of products such as juices, confectionery, savory products, pharmaceuticals, and even animal feeds! Moreover, we can provide you with certifications and other documents necessary for food manufacturing.

Inquire with us today for your flavoring needs!