Flor-Index®: Bringing Perfumery to the Era of Eco-Design and Transparency

September 7, 2023 Henri Igna 0 Comments

In an era defined by an ecological emergency and a growing demand for transparency, TechnicoFlor, a leading fragrance manufacturer, has embarked on a pioneering journey to develop a groundbreaking tool for assessing the environmental and societal impact of their perfume formulas. This visionary initiative, known as Flor Index, sets a new standard in eco-creation and environmental responsibility.

Genesis of Flor Index

TechnicoFlor’s commitment to sustainability and responsible formulation is not new. With earlier innovations such as Better Tomorrow and BioDscent, they demonstrated their dedication to creating fragrances that are not only captivating but also gentle on the environment. However, the company aimed to go further by comprehensively evaluating the environmental and social implications of their perfume development processes.

Objectives of Flor Index

The objectives of Flor Index are ambitious and far-reaching:

  • Environmental Evaluation: Flor Index serves as a tool to assess the environmental impact of TechnicoFlor’s compositions. It scrutinizes every aspect of perfume development, from raw materials to production and end-of-life considerations.
  • Identification of Areas for Improvement: By analyzing the complete life cycle of their fragrances, Flor Index helps TechnicoFlor identify areas where they can reduce their environmental footprint and improve sustainability.
  • Transparency: As consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, Flor Index promotes greater transparency by allowing TechnicoFlor to communicate the environmental and societal impact of their products to their stakeholders, including suppliers and customers.
  • Raising Awareness: Flor Index is not just a tool for internal assessment; it’s a means to raise awareness among all those involved in the perfume industry about the importance of eco-friendly practices.

Design Modeling of Flor Index

The key to Flor Index’s effectiveness lies in its ability to analyze the entire development cycle of fragrances, allowing for the identification and quantification of environmental impacts. This comprehensive approach enables TechnicoFlor to take targeted actions to reduce their ecological footprint.

Flor Index evaluates perfume development across three crucial stages:

  1. Formulation: This stage considers factors such as the use of eco-responsible raw materials, fair trade sourcing, and the elimination of unnecessary solvents.
  2. Production: It assesses the environmental impact of manufacturing processes and shipping methods.
  3. End of Life: Flor Index examines factors like formula biodegradability, health toxicity, and environmental toxicity, ensuring that fragrances are gentle on both nature and humans.

A Complete and Evolving Eco-Creation Tool

Flor Index is not a static solution but an evolving one. It represents TechnicoFlor’s commitment to developing formulas that respect the environment and prioritize human safety. The tool assigns a rating score ranging from A to E, with A and B indicating eco-designed products.

Recognition and Certification

TechnicoFlor’s dedication to eco-creation has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, the company was honored with the Grand Prize for Engaged Companies by LCL Banque des Entreprises, in collaboration with GreenFlex, in the SME Circular Economy and Eco Design category. This recognition underscores the significance of Flor Index in the perfume industry.

Moreover, AFNOR CERTIFICATION has validated the robustness, transparency, and relevance of Flor Index. It is a world-first achievement, allowing brands to proudly claim the presence of an eco-designed perfume in their product offerings.

In conclusion, Flor Index represents a remarkable leap forward in the perfume industry’s journey towards sustainability and eco-responsibility. TechnicoFlor’s commitment to transparency and eco-creation sets a commendable example, showing that fragrances can be both alluring and environmentally responsible. As distributors of TechnicoFlor fragrances in the Philippines, we are excited to offer our customers the promise of eco-friendly and socially responsible perfumes that embody the spirit of Flor Index. Together, we can create a better tomorrow—one fragrant note at a time.

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