Industrial and Fine Chemicals

We make the growth of your business available to you

They say that necessity is the forefather of innovation, and at CCT Chemicals, we go the extra mile to provide hard-to-find materials and chemicals that you need for your growing business. We are proud of our wide range of products and expertise across several industries:

Industrial and Institutional Chemicals

In partnership with BASF, a world leading company in industrial chemicals, CCT brings you world-class technology through high-quality and industry-grade raw materials for your business.

Common applications that we cater to include institutional cleaning materials for hotels and factories, and other industrial processes.

Food and Pharmaceuticals

Whether you develop condiments, beverages, or even baked and pastry products, we have a wide range of chemical ingredients that will help make your business “rise”. We provide preservatives, antioxidants, thickening agents, fortificants, additives, and even flavors, to add that wonderful taste of success.

Aside from food applications, we can also cater to your pharmaceutical needs with our excipients and some active ingredients.

On top of that, we also supply Kahl natural waxes for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics application.

Laboratory Reagents and Equipment

Experience state-of-the-art technology right in your laboratories as we provide you with quality MERCK products. 

Compliant with international standards and applicable in several fields such as chemistry and life science, we provide you various reagents and solvents, and even culture media for microbiology. We also provide your laboratories with instruments and equipment for sample preparation, filtration, lab water systems, chemical analysis, soil analysis, and a lot more.

Ask us today on how our technical team can assist you.

Allied Industries

Staying true to our promise of versatility and service, we can also help provide you with several materials that do not fit in the earlier categories:

  • Agricultural chemicals such as emulsifiers and stabilizers
  • Surface coatings (e.g. paint, inks, surfactants, dispersing agents, etc.)
  • Veterinary chemicals such as fortificants and active ingredients for feeds
  • Packaging solutions (e.g. bottles, IBCs) 


Just let us know what you need and we’ll help you find them through our extensive network of suppliers around the globe!