New ISO Standard EN ISO 7704:2023 Affects Microbiological Analysis of Water Samples

March 21, 2023 Henri Igna 0 Comments

If you work in a laboratory that performs microbiological analysis of water samples by membrane filtration, then you need to know about the new mandatory standard, EN ISO 7704:2023. This standard replaces the previous version, EN ISO 7704:1985, and specifies the requirements for performance testing of the membrane filters used to capture and directly enumerate microorganisms on solid media.

The new standard applies to the analysis of different water samples, including drinking water, bottled water, and other water samples with low expected counts of microorganisms, as well as water with higher expected counts of microorganisms, such as surface water or process water. The tests in the revised standard are designed to demonstrate the suitability of the entire system (membrane filter in combination with the culture medium) including the filtration step.

To help you meet the challenge of adapting to the new standard, our supplier, Merck, is hosting a webinar on EN ISO 7704:2023. During the webinar, you will learn about the changes in the revised standard versus the previous version, materials to help you adapt to the new standard, and the improved selectivity of Chromocult® Coliform agar for testing of drinking water samples by membrane filtration.

This webinar is suitable for professionals from water testing labs, as well as from the food, pharma, beverage, and cosmetics industries. Specifically, quality assurance and regulatory affairs experts, QC managers and their lab technicians, and R&D managers and their lab technicians will benefit from attending.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the new mandatory standard that affects your laboratory and how to meet the requirements. Sign up for our webinar on EN ISO 7704:2023 today!

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