How to Make a Pet Cologne Using Pet-safe Fragrances

February 4, 2022 Henri Igna 0 Comments

Almost everyone associates the month of February to Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate love, not only the romantic kind, but also with friends and families. But for some fur moms and dads, the love and bond they share with their pets is as strong, if not more. Even in movies, a scene with a dying pet can surpass any romance movies in the list of Top Tear-jerkers of All Time. Thus, it’s not a surprise that this love month is also considered the Responsible Pet Owners Month.

How do we become responsible pet owners?

But how do we make sure we become responsible pet owners? Take a look at your pets and ask yourself: Is the food you are giving them high quality, and in proper proportions? Are they getting enough exercise and socialization? Are you bringing them to the vet, not only for emergency cases, but for check-ups and preventive care? The list goes on, but one thing is for sure: we love and treat our pets like our very own children.

We love and treat our pets like our very own children.

But what we often forget is ensuring that our pet care products are safe for their use. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we stayed home more frequently with our pets. It provides us more free time to care for them, and try out various products such as pet shampoo, and even pet colognes. But how do we know that the fragrances used in these products are safe?

FEMA-GRAS Fragrances

For these kinds of products, we offer what we call FEMA-GRAS fragrances (Flavour & Extract Manufacturers Association – Generally Recognized As Safe, or simply FOOD GRADE). Pets, like dogs, often lick their bodies even during bathing, so it might not be safe if the ingredients used are inedible. Aside from pet care products, FEMA-GRAS fragrances are also advisable to be used for lip care and F&B cleaning products.

Alternatively, we can also use ALLERGEN-FREE fragrances to ensure a hypoallergenic product for our fur kids, avoiding possible irritation on their skin.

How to make a pet cologne

One of the popular trends that we have now is pet cologne. Just like how we like putting on perfume as an invisible accessory, to make a statement, or just to feel good, some of us like spraying pet-friendly colognes on our cats and dogs to make them smell nicer. Some popular scents are bubblegum, floral notes, lavender, mint, and even cookies. We are sharing below a very simple recipe on how to make a cologne for your beloved pets:

To make a 100 mL bottle of pet cologne


  • 34 mL or approximately 2 ½ tablespoons Distilled water
  • 60 mL or ¼ cup Ethyl alcohol 
  • 3 mL or 60 drops of Fragrance oil 
  • 2 mL or 40 drops of Aloe vera extract
  • 1 mL or 20 drops of Cinnogel oil (or glycerin)


  1. Combine the fragrance oil of your choice into the ethyl alcohol
  2. Slowly mix in the distilled water to the alcohol-fragrance mixture
  3. Add the aloe vera extract and cinnogel oil to the solution
  4. Shake well before use!

Up for a bigger challenge and interested in making a PET SHAMPOO? We have various ingredients, actives, and fragrances for your future (and existing) pet care products business in the Philippines! 

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