Water Workflow

Any industry that produces, uses, or processes drinking water must comply with national regulations and perform regular tests to ensure that drinking water is free of chemical and microbiological contamination. The workflow diagram shows a selection of products you need to test microbiological contamination and important chemical parameters such as aluminum, ammonium, bromate, iron, manganese, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, chromium and other metals.

3 water workflow girl

Instruments & Test Kits

Spectroquant® Photometers
• Prove 300/600
• Move 100 and Move DC

Spectroquant® Photometric Test Kits
• Iron Test Cat. No. 1.14761.0001
• Manganese Test Cat. No. 1.01846.0001
• Nitrite Test Cat. No. 1.14776.0001

Rapid Chemical Testing with
Reflectoquant® or MQuant® Systems
• Reflectometric tests
– Iron Test Cat. No. 1.16982.0001
– Calcium Test Cat. No. 1.16125.0001
– Nitrate Test Cat. No. 1.16995.0001
– Hardness Test Cat. No. 1.16997.0001
– Magnesium Test Cat. No. 1.16124.0001
• Visual tests
– pH-indicator strips pH 0-14
Cat. No. 1.09535.0001
– Peracetic Acid Test strips
Cat. No. 1.10084.0001

Content lifted from the “Water, Environmental, and Food & Beverage Analysis” brochure developed by Merck.

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