Food & Beverage Workflow

Food & Beverage Workflow

Food and beverage producers face increasing safety regulations requiring detailed analyses of raw materials, in-process controls, quality tests, and hygiene monitoring. Because all of these analyses take time, our rapid and on-the-spot tests for chemical and microbiological contamination are designed to help get your product ready for purchase faster. The workflow diagram shows a selection of products you need to accurately analyze microbiological contamination and important chemical parameters in food and beverages such as ascorbic acid, glucose, and fructose.

food beverage factory

Instruments & Test Kits

Spectroquant® Photometers
• Prove 600
• Move 100 and Move DC

Spectroquant® Photometric Test Kits
• Chromium Test Cat. No. 1.14758.0001
• Nickel Test Cat. No. 1.14785.0001
• Nitrogen Cell Test Cat. No. 1.00613.0001
• Phosphate Cell Test Cat. No. 1.14543.0001

Rapid Chemical Testing with
Reflectoquant® or MQuant® Systems
• Reflectometric tests
– Ascorbic Acid Test Cat. No. 1.16981.0001
– Sucrose Test Cat. No. 1.16141.0001
– Glucose Test Cat. No. 1.16720.0001
– Nitrate Test Cat. No. 1.16971.0001
– Urea (Ammonium) Test Cat. No. 1.16892.0001

• Visual tests
– pH-indicator strips pH 0-14
Cat. No. 1.09535.0001
– Free Fatty Acids Test strips
Cat. No. 1.17046.0001

Content lifted from the “Water, Environmental, and Food & Beverage Analysis” brochure developed by Merck.

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