Disinfection Control in your Workflow

Disinfection control in your workflow

Facilities that are not disinfected effectively have more potential safety risks. Disinfection control remains critical in ensuring the safety of your product. However, the determination of chemical cleanliness requires instruments and means and not just the human eye. Ensure the safety of your production line after disinfection.

Are you working in these areas?

  • dairy or infant formula
  • vegetarian dishes
  • meat products
  • products with allergen free claims
  • other food and beverage industries


Thorough disinfection control testing of filling and processing equipment must be conducted to ensure that no disinfectant residues remain and subsequently contaminate the final food or beverage products.

Disinfection control testing

Instruments & Test Kits

Rapid Chemical Testing with
Reflectoquant® or MQuant® Systems
• Reflectometric tests
– Chlorine Test Cat. No. 1.16896.0001
– Peroxide Test Cat. No. 1.16731.0001
– Peracetic Acid Test Cat. No. 1.16976.0001
– pH Test Cat. No. 1.16996.0001
• Visual tests
– pH-indicator strips pH 0-14
Cat. No. 1.09535.0001
– Peroxide Test strips Cat. No. 1.10011.0001

Spectroquant® Instruments
• Reflectometer: RQflex® 20 Cat. No. 1.17246.0001
• Colorimeter: Move DC Cat. No. 1.73635.0001

Spectroquant® Photometric Test Kits
• Ozone Test Cat. No. 1.00607.0001
• Surfactants (nonionic) Cell Test
Cat. No. 1.01787.0001
• Hydrogen Peroxide Test Cat. No. 1.18789.0001
• Formaldehyde Test Cat. No. 1.14678.0001

Content lifted from the “Water, Environmental, and Food & Beverage Analysis” brochure developed by Merck.

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