Cooler & Boiler Water Workflow

Cooling & Boiler Water Workflow

Analyzing cooling and boiler water is essential for power plants and industrial producers such as chemical, pharmaceutical, technical, or food and beverage companies. Silicate, calcium, and magnesium are particularly important as elevated levels can cause deposit formation and scaling, leading to increased maintenance costs and downtimes. Find a selection of products that support your workflow to measure low and ultra-low concentrations of various parameters. In particular, using the Spectroquant® Prove 600 spectrophotometer with a 100-mm cuvette allows ultra-sensitive measurements of silicate, chloride, and iron to protect your system.

Man in a boiler plant

Instruments & Test Kits

Spectroquant® Photometers
• Prove 300/600 
• Move 100 and Move DC 

Spectroquant® Photometric Test Kits
• Chloride Test Cat. No. 1.01807.0001
• Silicate Test Cat. No 1.01813.0001
• Phosphate Test Cat. No. 1.14848.0001

Rapid Chemical Testing with
Reflectoquant® or MQuant® Systems
• Reflectometric tests
– Calcium Test Cat. No. 1.16125.0001
– Total Hardness Test Cat. No. 1.16997.0001
– Nitrite Test Cat. No. 1.16973.0001
• Visual tests
– pH-indicator strips pH 0-14
Cat. No. 1.09535.0001
– Chlorine Test strips Cat. No. 1.17925.0001
– Phosphate Test Color card comparator
Cat. No. 1.18394.0001

Content lifted from the “Water, Environmental, and Food & Beverage Analysis” brochure developed by Merck.

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