Brewery workflow

Breweries need to carefully monitor all  stages of production from analyzing  raw materials and drinking water, to inprocess  and disinfection controls, to testing  the finished product and wastewater. Beer quality and consistency  are judged through parameters such as  bitterness, flavonoids, free amino nitrogen,  color, calcium content, zinc content, and  microbiological contamination. The workflow  diagram shows a selection of products you  need for reliable beer analysis. In particular,  SpectroquantR Prove spectrophotometers  feature pre-programmed methods according  to international standards to help you  quickly and accurately monitor beer quality  and maturity.  

4 brewery workflow man

Instruments & Test Kits

Spectroquant® Photometers
• Prove 300
• Move 100 and Move DC

Spectroquant® Photometric Test Kits
• Calcium Test Cat. test kit No. 1.00049.0001
• Sulfite Test Cat. No. 1.01746.0001
• Zinc Cell Test Cat. No. 1.00861.0001
• Nitrate Test Cat. No. 1.09713.0001
• Test kits acc. to international standards

Rapid Chemical Testing with
Reflectoquant® or MQuant® Systems
• Reflectometric tests
– Hardness Test Cat. No. 1.16997.0001
– Calcium Test Cat. No. 1.16125.0001
– Glucose Test Cat. No. 1.16720.0001
– Nitrate Test Cat. No. 1.16995.0001

• Visual tests
– pH-indicator strips pH 0-14
Cat. No. 1.09535.0001
– Glucose Test strips
Cat. No. 1.17866.0001

Content lifted from the “Water, Environmental, and Food & Beverage Analysis” brochure developed by Merck.

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